Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing


7th September 2016

Today we have been filming with Bethany MacDonald, from the Naked Truth, to create a new resource. The final resource will be made available to our Esteem network of relationships and sex educators, to use with young people to help them discuss and analyse the potential effects of...

14th July 2016

Yesterday, the two lead Police Youth Engagement Officers for Cheshire, PC Amy Fletcher and PC Jane Commins, led an interactive workshop for acet UK, about ‘Sex and the Law.’

As relationships and sex educators, we are regularly asked questions like “Is it illegal if…?”; “Would someone get in trouble for…?” or -...

24th May 2016

We recently ran our first batch of training for our Esteem Network members in London and in Manchester, which was developed to give educators the confidence and skills necessary to deliver the Esteem Boys' Project in their own contexts.

The training takes educators through the content of the project session by session and includes tips...

12th May 2016

I recently led some training for Romance Academy about the impact of porn on young people and the potential ways we can help young people navigate these pressures. It was a great training day where everyone got to closely examine the theories of how porn is impacting young people. One of the key ideas we explored is best summed up by a...

5th May 2016

Thanks to funding from the Christian Building Trust, Nireekshana ACET has held the ground breaking ceremony for a new HIV clinic. Here is Nireekshana founder Dr Sujai Suneetha, along with former Director of ACET Slovakia, Pastor Milan Presburger, planting a tree at the ceremony.

22nd April 2016

This news post is written to help relationships and sex education workers respond to possible Zika questions from young people. In the past 6 months, there has been significant media coverage of the Zika virus outbreak across Central and Southern America. The Zika virus itself causes a relatively minor set of symptoms in an otherwise healthy...