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12th February 2024

Understanding the International Day of Social Justice: Empathy in Action

Today, we're delving into a crucial topic that resonates deeply with our shared humanity: social justice. As we explore the International Day of Social Justice, we'll uncover the significance of this observance, examine real-world examples of social...

26th January 2024

Have you ever felt like you were talking to someone about something important, but they weren’t really listening? Or have you ever explained something clearly on a Zoom call, only to be told you were muted the whole time?

It can be frustrating for us as adults (who have a vocabulary range of around 20-25000 words) to...

15th January 2024

On January 24th each year, The International Day of Education is a celebration of the power of knowledge, and there's no better embodiment of this than the Shining Star Project. This is a peer education initiative that doesn't just educate; it transforms lives, particularly those of women engaged in sex work.


14th January 2024

Written by Esteem Network Director, Gareth

For years, teaching about STIs (sexually transmitted infections) has been a core part of the Esteem programme.

The 14th of January was chosen as STIQ day because most STIs take a minimum of two weeks to incubate. So, two weeks into the start of the year, we want to...

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27th November 2023

Written by Hayley, our Events & Membership Officer


Do you find it challenging to talk about relationships and sex with young people?

You’re not alone.

In fact, half of all churches simply avoid the topic altogether and don’t talk about it with their young people at all...

22nd November 2023

Once Upon a Time...

…there was a girl called Sarah. She was a vibrant, creative, and confident girl, with big dreams. Sarah's laughter could light up a room, and she was a ray of sunshine for everyone who knew her.

Until she was assaulted.

Sarah's story had a dark twist. She became a victim...

17th November 2023

Written by faithful acet supporter, Reverend Robert Ireton


Some of you may have read the delightful children’s book ~ ‘If I was God for a day’. It’s an imaginary dialogue from children about what they would do about things if they were God for a day: as in “Hey, God; here’s...