Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing


1st September 2023

Written by our fab CEO, Catherine


When I was in school, I had no idea what Caritas meant, except that we had a Caritas Box on the windowsill.

For us, it was a box we put all our spare change into, as well as any coins we found in the playground, or on our way to school.  Miss Miller would always top it up to “...

25th August 2023

In the summer term, acet UK was asked to submit evidence to the English government’s Department for Education (DfE) for their review of the statutory Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) guidance for schools. We were given very little information about how exactly the review process was going to be completed but the key request for...

21st August 2023

Written by faithful acet UK supporter, Reverend Robert Ireton

My wife and I love kids... We’re blessed to have had four of our own, and now have nine grandchildren too… and would love to have more. 

But. The two of us were out for a meal yesterday in a supermarket café and, basically, THEY SHALL NOT KEEP...

16th August 2023

Instead of the usual August newsletter, we are happy to share a booklet with you, commemorating 35 years of acet UK! We hope you are encouraged by how much has been made possible in the last three and a half decades.

read the booklet online...

1st August 2023

Written by our fab schools worker, Megan.

All of us believe in something.

Where do we look for security and hope and meaning? That’s the question I believe is in all of our minds. What is worthwhile believing in? Something that won’t let us down and will give purpose and direction to our lives?


3rd July 2023

Written by our fantastic schools worker, Megan.

International Youth Skills Day this Saturday is a day to celebrate the skills of young people. But, if you look at the media landscape, it may be surprising, and a valid question in response to this could be: 'what skills?'

I say this also as someone who technically...

29th June 2023

At acet UK, we believe that refreshment and inspiration are essential to sustainable and impactful work.

That’s why we’re proud to announce a new sabbatical policy that is designed to help our staff members rest, refresh, resource and even be inspired for their work.

Christian tradition...

23rd June 2023

Written by faithful acet UK supporter, Reverend Robert Ireton

I’m guessing that, if you’re like me, you have good days and bad days. 

Days when you catch the fragrance of an azalea, or witness a golden sunset, or step out into a moonless night sky and are captivated by the Milky Way arching...