Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

How we can support your school

We know that schools want to provide the best possible RSE for their students - but this can be daunting. Our accredited RSE trainers will come alongside you to enhance your RSE provision, teaching capacity, and confidence in a way that suits your school: from delivering a wide range of RSE topics, including targeted sessions with small groups of students, to training and resourcing your own teaching staff to deliver the curriculum - or something in between!

With over 30 years of experience in providing school-based education on relationships and sexual health topics, our Esteem programme has been used in hundreds of schools. Last year, 38,000 young people benefited from our Esteem materials, either through our own RSE delivery or that of our Esteem network of independent RSE educators.

The interactive nature of Esteem relationships and sex education sessions provides maximum opportunity for young people to grow in knowledge and understanding and develop their skills and values.

Email us at to arrange a call back to discuss your requirements.

We are currently piloting new free-of-charge primary relationships education sessions and are looking for London schools to take part. Please contact Rachel at if your school would like to participate.

RSE topics we typically offer for each year group:

In line with the statutory guidance for Relationships and Sex Education, standard Esteem sessions last up to one hour and are suitable for classes of up to around 30 students. (Other RSE topics may be possible by request. We also work with sixth-form students).

Primary school

We cover the following RSE topics at KS1 and KS2, with progression in the sessions for different year groups: 

  • Families and People Who Care For Me
  • Caring Friendships
  • Being Safe
  • Respectful Relationships
  • Online Safety 
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • The Changing Adolescent Body (Puberty changes and conception/pregnancy)
  • Health and Prevention

*The topics covered in The Changing Adolescent Body Unit of work also tie in with the Science Curriculum expectations for KS2.  Along with the Mental Wellbeing topic, we are also developing SEND resources on emotional resilience and self-regulation skills. 

Year 7  

Self-esteem (understanding our worth and our qualities and how to deal with negative comments)

Puberty and reproduction  

Year 8  

Self-esteem and body image  


Relationships and sex 

Year 9  

Sexting / naked picture sharing

Sexually transmitted infections  


Year 10  

Relationships and consent   

Pregnancy and contraception   

The Media Challenge (covering how relationships and sex are portrayed in music lyrics and how pornography misrepresents relationships and sex)  

Year 11  


Sexually transmitted infections 2 (more detailed than in Year 9)   

Attitudes and actions (Looking at attitudes towards those who are living with HIV, homophobic behaviour, and general issues around language) 

Racial identity topics

All our work is based on building meaningful, enduring, and respectful relationships across different cultures. We cannot do this without a strong commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. We want to create opportunities and reduce barriers for everyone, particularly those underrepresented groups and so we are delighted to tell you about our lessons which are specifically focused on racial identity to run alongside our identity and self-esteem work in schools.

These lessons have been co-produced with young people, teachers and parents, primarily based in Southwark.  We spoke to hundreds of young people, their teachers, and parents to make sure that what we produced was what young people wanted and needed.

If you would like us to bring racial identity lessons to your school, please get in contact at, as it may be that, for a limited time, we can offer them to you for FREE!

Form time RSE Q&A sessions

Perfect for form time or tutor time, we will create a bespoke short (10-15 minutes) video for your school introducing a topic you would like us to invite questions on. Then, for one week, students will be able to anonymously submit questions related to RSE and the topic through an online web page. We will review the questions and put together 45 minutes of video of us answering these questions. This 45 min video can be broken into 15-minute chunks for use in form time. 

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The Boys’ Project and the Girls’ Project 

We also offer small group work with either girls or boys (up to 8 girls or 8 boys at a time), which is suitable for Year 9 and above. 

We developed The Boys’ Project to help small groups of boys consider the concept of manhood and their choices as they relate to character formation. We currently deliver the course in Southwark and it has been particularly useful for boys who have been excluded from mainstream school settings. 

Similarly, The Girls’ Project was created to help small groups of girls reach their full potential and flourish into the young women they desire to be. Looking to help girls realize their self-worth and establish healthy boundaries, the course focuses on raising girls’ awareness of sexual grooming and exploitation. 

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Staff training in RSE

Want to do part or all of your RSE in-house, but need training for your team to ensure you are meeting the requirements of statutory RSE? Our well-established and highly regarded Esteem 1-day teacher training course provides teaching staff with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to talk to young people openly and sensitively about sexual health issues; plan and deliver effective, fun, and interactive RSE sessions; and apply best practice and recommended government policy guidelines. 

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The schools we work with take different approaches: in some, we deliver a full range of RSE topics; in others, we deliver key RSE topics that the school has highlighted as needing extra expertise; and, in a few, we have provided staff training in RSE and are now supporting the school as a member of our Esteem network of RSE educators.

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Supporting your school with parent consultation 

We would also be very happy to support your school by delivering a presentation or workshop as part of a parents’ evening about our approach to delivering RSE (which could include the parents participating in some of the activities) and giving some top tips on how to talk to children about relationships and sex.

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