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Opening doors in Slovakia

It was so encouraging to hear news from Petra, an ACET Slovakia educator from Nitra, about closed doors being opened.

“In October, a teacher from the village of Rybník called me to come to their school to provide sessions about bullying and relationships. I told my colleague, Monika, as it is right next to the village where she lives. Monika told me that she was surprised that this school contacted me and explained to me that she has offered sessions to this school before, but that the door was always closed there.

Monika has been praying for this and other schools in the area for a few years, and the door opened! I spent a wonderful time with the precious students of this school, it had a very pleasant atmosphere and the students worked well together.

Shortly afterwards, the deputy director from the school in the next village called me having heard that I had given lectures at the school in Rybník. Now I also give lectures in Starý Tekov!”