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14th June 2022

Come along to the Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park in October for FREE and say hello to us at stand S3. We'd love to see you!

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Join hundreds of local...

You would be forgiven for thinking that when Russia invaded and war broke out, the ACET Ukraine team stopped working - but far from it - in March alone, ACET volunteers reached 950 teenagers in person with sessions on mental health and healthy lifestyles and ran 230 sessions online!  12 of ACET Ukraine’s youth clubs have also...

4th May 2022

‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ 

This is an old African saying about the importance of community in the life of young people. Many foster carers will tell you this is certainly true in the case of looked after children, who often need twice the amount of love, care and patience than their peers who have not been...

8th April 2022

It has been increasingly clear that Christian youth workers are not always provided with the tools and support to tackle issues of relationships and sex in their work.

acet UK has a long history of supporting youth workers, teachers, and other educators in talking in a school context about relationships and sex, but we wanted to also...

21st March 2022





Today is national poetry day and so we thought we’d rhyme

a few...

9th March 2022

Warning this is a long section, you might want to get a cuppa first. 

As RSE educators, we need to understand the factors that may be impacting young people's views of relationships and sex. Sadly, one prevalent influence is pornography - which is so easily available online.

For most years in the last decade, PornHub has...

11th February 2022

It was so encouraging to hear news from Petra, an ACET Slovakia educator from Nitra, about closed doors being opened.

“In October, a teacher from the village of Rybník called me to come to their school to provide sessions about bullying and relationships. I told my colleague, Monika, as it is right next to the village where she lives...

11th February 2022

It’s a bit too late to say ‘Happy New year’ so instead - welcome to our first 2022 newsletter!

We are so happy to be sharing more encouraging stories with you from our work in 2021. Another strange...