Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing


16th May 2023

St Vitalis of Assisi is a lesser-known saint in the Christian tradition. He is often associated with those who are physically suffering, especially in relation to problems with the genitals.

Saints’ days do not form a core part of many Christians’ lives and, with over 10,000 saints (depending on who is counting), it may...

15th May 2023

Written by Sarah Smith, our amazing Fundraising Manager

As we approach our 35th anniversary in May, we are taking the opportunity to give thanks for all the amazing opportunities we have had to work with and learn from children and young people in the UK and across the world through our international partners.

Many of the...

10th May 2023

Written by Rachel Burnell, Our wonderful Primary School Worker

Since 1954 the United Nations has celebrated the importance of children in our world.

In the UK we mark this date on May 14th as it is felt that this is a perfect time for children to get out into their neighbourhoods and be in nature at the start of summer....

We'd love you to join us to mark the occasion of acet UK's 35th birthday!

The birthday event will take place between 10.30am and 12.30pm on Saturday May 20th at Room 2, 10 Windmill Road, Chiswick, W4 1SD .

If you fancy tea, coffee, homemade cakes and sandwiches, with a chance to meet some of the team and even speak to some of our...

7th April 2023

On April 7th this year, World Health Day will recognize the incredible progress made in public health over the last 75 years since the World Health Organisation was formed, and will also highlight opportunities for further progress. 

One particular area that deserves special attention is sexual health...

give in the shining star appeal

Imagine being 19 years old and a single parent to a toddler whilst also providing for elderly parents. Imagine feeling that the only choice you have to support...

13th March 2023

As RSE educators, we have a role to play in helping the young people we work with to gain an understanding of what real happiness is.

Often the media might suggest that if we look a certain way, buy a certain brand, or have certain things we will be fulfilled. Young people need to be given the tools to question these...

8th March 2023

Imagine having fewer opportunities just because you are a woman.

Sadly, this is still the experience of women all around the world - and maybe even you as well? Even here,  in the UK, equality can still be...