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Uganda: Nakulabye Junior School

Friends of ACET in Uganda (FAU) donors have long supported Nakulabye Junior School, raising money to build the current school and paying the fees of orphans and other vulnerable children who would otherwise have been unable to afford to go to school.

Nakulabye is located within a slum community in a Kampala suburb, where many children are impacted by poverty and HIV. The school aims to provide cheap but quality education to vulnerable children; to be a model for other slum communities; and to provide employment for the local community.

The support of FAU donors has meant that the living conditions of the children has much improved, as the school now has purpose-built classrooms including a nursery section; a modern kitchen; safe areas to play; flush toilets; books and other equipment. The children are also well fed at Nakulabye, as many are not well nourished at home. They receive porridge at break and lunchtime and a piece of fruit each day.

A group of doctors and nurses from Mengo hospital routinely come to the school to provide health services such as providing deworming tablets and administering vaccinations.